My goal is to help ALL people, especially Seniors to have fun on the dance floor. To strengthen their dexterity, mobility and agility allowing aging to be graceful.

I like helping people find victories in their lives. As we grow older, we begin to fear the changes brought on by aging (arthritis, dementia, high blood pressure, gout, vertigo, falling. My dancers are not getting older, they are getting “GOLDer” they are becoming more refined and valuable. According to the National Institute of aging published by the New England Journal of Medicine, Dancing make you SMARTER! Dancing frequently gives you a 76% reduced Risk of Dementia. Dancing increases mental capacity by exercising the cognitive process, created new neural paths for rapid fire decision making and that’s  on top of the physical benefits which are reducing stress, increasing serotonin and energy, improving flexibility, strength, balance and endurance and strengthens bones and boosts cardiovascular health.

Music is Universal… So Is Dance! Every country has a form of dance and Dance keeps our hearts, minds and bodies healthy. Not going to a club and jumping up and down mindlessly all over the room to Beats blasting your ear drums to oblivion, that is NOT dance. Having a uniformed movement to the sultry soulful sounds of the music that framed our lives. Choreographed movement that makes your mind think about what you are doing and how to execute the moves and how to make them YOUR moves. THAT is Soul Line dance.